The key features of this revolutionary new cryptocurrency are as under.

Easy to access

Corenet is one of the easiest to access cryptocurrency in the market. You can easily access the same your browser as well as your wallet seamlessly.

Highly Secure

Corenet is based on highly secure technology which reduces or effectively eliminates the chances of forgery or misuse of the currency.

Fast Transaction

Corenet would be one of the fastest complete transacting Cryptocurrency in the world, with amazing security features.

Smart Contract

Corenet introducing Smart Contract coin wherein the 75% coin has Freezed. Corenet coin envisages the future of the cryptocurrency market implying the huge stability factor underneath.

Regulated Supply

Corenet will be limited and regulated, thereby, tackling the issue of wild price fluctuation and will give a sense of stability to the users

Future Applications

In future, Corenet would build upon its strength offer services like POS terminal, API, Cloud based wallet, Exchange efficiencies and much more.


Why Choose Us

Corenet offers some of the best features amongst the newly minted cryptocurrencies out there in the market. With highly secure and super quick module, Corenet will surely change the cryptomarket soon.

Reliable and Secure Cryptocurrency

Fast transact technology

High wallet integration and adaptability

Based on Proprietary transaction technology


Our team has a wide experience in deep tech, AI, blockchain R&D, marketing and business operations. We are proud to have the support and trust of various industry leaders.

Corenet Coin

Abbreviation: CRNC

Coin Algorithm Script: ERC20 Smart Contract

Coin Encryption: CORE BASE Technology

Transaction Method: Blockchain

Freeze Coin:75%

Total Supply: 36 Million

Open ICO: 9 Million


ICO Token


Our ICO tokens will be released gradually as we are very particular about the actual flow of Corenet in the market. The modalities are given below.


OPEN 100%



OPEN 100%



OPEN 100%



OPEN 100%


Road Map

We envisage the following future for Corenet.

Reward Coin Program

Corenet Reward Coin program where you can earn referral income by introducing and activating Direct Members .

Direct Reward 10%


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